DIMOS STEPHANIDIS - Musikentstehung und Musikproduktion
Composer at Universal Edition

Dimos Stephanidis

Dimos Stephanidis was born on January 17th, 1957 in Athens. In his home country he studied piano, harmony, counterpoint and fugue. In 1978 he continued his studies in Darmstadt (Germany) in piano, harpsichord and composition. Important stations (composition commissions, selection): 1995: Premiere of the first piano sonata "To the victims of Hiroshima" with the composer at the piano. The autograph of the sonata is in the Hiroshima City Hall. Commissioned by the city of Hiroshima. 1999: World premiere of the literary opera "I see you in a thousand pictures" in Gasteig, Munich. 1999: Premiere of "THEATRIKON" 1 in the Royal Festival Hall in London. 2002: Germany premiere of "THEATRIKON" 1 in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt a.M. 2006: Premiere of “THEATRIKON” 4 in Tokyo Bunka Kaikan under the direction of the composer. 2012: Premiere of the third piano sonata in Darmstadt. Dimos Stephanidis lives and works as a freelance composer in Darmstadt